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Cooking with Tanya

Delicious & Easy Meals!

About Us

My name is La Tanya, but I am referred by my family and friends as Tanya. I truly enjoy cooking, entertaining, and sharing the food experience with others and this passion has led me to the launch of my business:

'Cooking with Tanya'! 

Over the past few years I know many of us have gone out to eat more than usual, have probably picked up a few pounds, and have probably not made the best healthy food choices, especially when we go through the 'drive-thru' fast food lanes. I have noticed the change in the weight gain of children and the unhealthy reports adults are getting from the doctors. When I was growing up it was unheard of a child having Type II Diabetes, but it is pretty common today.

As we know, many health issues can be avoided or corrected through a proper diet, but we are moving fast trying to make ends meet and not taking the time to cook at home.

Well, I have good news! I will show you how to cut down on the time it take you to prepare delicious healthy meals with beautiful presentation, cut down on the cost by preparing meals at home, and your clean-up will be minimal . . . your family and friends will think you are a chef!

Cooking is the new Entertainment Experience and check out the cooking Workshops for Kids . . . they love to be creative in the kitchen!

In my Cooking Workshops we will be prepare complete meals from Appetizers, Main Entree, and Dessert in less than one hour using Kitchen Tools that are available for purchase if you choose.

Let's get back to basics and in the kitchen cooking healthy meals in a small amount of time and Saving Money$$


Cooking Instructor

(909) 721-7801

Serving Southern California